COVID-19 Safety

Coronavirus Health and Safety Risk Assessments.

Covid-19 / Coronavirus Health & Safety at work. Premises and Workplace Contagion Risk Assessments and Recommendations.

COVID-19 Health & SAfety

Protecting Your Business From Coronavirus and other Contagions

Risk assessments, action and implementation plans, and training to ensure your business, employees, customers and suppliers are safe from the risks of COVID-19 and other contagions.

COVID-19 Safety In The Workplace

All businesses are required by law, to protect their staff from the risk of Coronavirus in the workplace.

This starts with a COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

COVID-19 Workplace Safety

COVID - What you need to do, and how we can help

Current legislation requires all businesses to carry out a COVID-19 Safety Risk Assessment – even if staff are remote working.

GCC will conduct a COVID risk assessment and make recommendations on all aspects of your business, including home working, workplace PPE, social distancing, hygiene and mental health.


Our COVID-19 Workplace Safety Process

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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

What and where are the risks of COVID infection, or other contagion in your business?

We will conduct a full risk assessment detailing those risks, in all areas of your businesses operations.

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Action Plan & Procedures

From our assessment, we will detail an action plan and related procedures, to ensure you both meet your legal requirements, and your business is COVID secure.

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Implementation & Training

We can assist in implementing  the requirements and recommendations, and also arrange training where required.

Contagion & COVID Secure Workplace

Recent Work

GCC were asked by a leading Principal Contractor to develop a full and detailed risk assessment, to enable their site operations to continue during the pandemic. GCC worked closely with the client’s team on site to develop workable yet compliant control measures to keep the works going while reducing the risk to persons working on the project to as low as reasonably practicable. 

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